• How to Track Time While Working With Distractions

    This post is the first in series, “Services that Help My Business Go”, wherein Tia shares some of her behind-the-scenes secrets.   The other day I had a meeting with a business mentor at SCORE and we were discussing time management and discipline. My mentor, a man with a lifetime of professional management and consulting… [Read more]

    How to Track Time While Working With Distractions
  • Jacksonville Images Pinterest Page

    I didn’t always think so but Jacksonville is a pretty great place to live, a combination of “the best kept secret” and “rising star”. I already feature my favorite images from around town, usually just shot with my iphone while in the midst of other living experiences, here on this site and in my blog… [Read more]

    Jacksonville Images Pinterest Page
  • Client Spotlight: RW Wealth in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

    Growing up, the rule was, “Leave a room nicer than it was when you found it”. I like applying that principle to my projects because it gets results. It’s gratifying to make improvements that do what’s intended and empowers a client’s goals. In that spirit, I want to share a recent before-and-after, with all the… [Read more]

    Client Spotlight: RW Wealth in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

When Bad Marketing Happens to Good People

I don't really understand why my electrician needs to be on Twitter. He's on call 18 hours a day, has a family, and more work than he knows what to do with. But when he was here to fix some wires the other day, he heard what I did … [Read More...]

Build Your Bridges: How to Improve Site Performance

"No man is an island" according to John Donne. Turns out, neither is no well-performing website. Still, plenty of businesses build a website all about,and only about, them. It's got their "about", their FAQ's, the contact … [Read More...]

The One-Size-Does-Not-Fit-All Marketing Approach

Something I love about my work is the variety of projects I manage for each client. This has been a week where I've been freshly reminded of the power of first asking the question, "What do you think your needs are?"- and then … [Read More...]

The Power of No: Setting Personal and Work Boundaries for Greater Productivity and Integrity

Why can’t people get work done at work? It was the premise of a very good talk by Inc. columnist and 37signals co-founder Jason Fried at TEDxMidwest. He articulated the need of “creatives” – designers, programmers, writers, … [Read More...]

Why You Should Care About Having a Better Business Blog

Would you, or do you, yourself ever read your own company blog? Be honest. Or, is a better question, "When was the last time your company blog was updated?"  Virtual cobwebs on the site much? Time stamp from the last … [Read More...]

Does Cost Predict Performance?

It's a scary question. No one wants to invest in something that won't get the job done. But there's an even scarier question worth asking: Does the performance reflect the cost? There are so many examples out there of … [Read More...]